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A big sorry to all the foodies in this world... That this website is not as strict as some raw food vegans would like it to be.
I am quite pedantic about my values myself however I am not so sure it is the right way to go to drive big change in a lot of people and that's where I see the most merit in my doings/actions.
And to those who say yeah, GMO is bad but still buy most of their food out of the supermarket, I hope to not offend you too the point that you question to keep opening my newsletter/reading my articles.

Stand strong for Health

18 August 2014 Written by Published in Love Learning

Eating out of your Garden

17 August 2014 Written by Published in Love Food

Make sure there is Food and Shelter before you can really think about satisfying all other wants and wishes...

Providing wholesome food becomes a challenge.

Women to learn from

Written by Published in Love Learning

One of the reasons why I got convinced to put my experiences and thought into a website was to be part of a group of better raw models for our upcoming generations... Nearly anything you embody is better than a Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or a any other modern pop idol...

Save the Bees

19 July 2014 Published in Love Food

Practical implementation

Comment on a Facebook topic

By your local honey that's extracted in a bee friendly way.

Love Activity

Published in Love Activity

Exercise is important!

Evolutionary our bodies are also made for regular exercise.

Every moment can become exercise... when you stand you can focus on your posture, when you sit you can lift your legs, when you pick up something it can become a stretch or a knee bend.

Love Food

Published in Love Food

Food is one of the main factors for sustainability.

As 40% of the world's surface is covered by agriculture and 30% of our resources get used to produce our food.

--> changing what you eat shapes the world.

You can start informing yourself about food with this: What's wrong with what we eat?

Love Nature

Published in Love Nature

I love the Rainforest, do you?

Your lifestyle makes the difference.

So reduce all pollution, rethink consumerism, think about minimalism and learn to enjoy a sustainable way…

Love Gardening Featured

Published in Love Activity

Gardening for Sustainability

beautiful, useful & easy to maintain!

- ease your mind by enjoying the aesthetics of beautiful and useful plant

- become more independent for healthy food supply

- save yourself the worry of chemicals in your food

- the time you need for shopping fresh produce

- get your daily exercise and meditation at once

Eat green

Published in Love Food

This online publication EATgreen holds quality links on Sustainable Nutrition and related topics.

 Sustainability for Nature and You:       Easy - Healthy - Green

 Food is one of the main factors for sustainability.

 Let's create a happy future through the way we eat.

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