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Food and Sustainability

04 September 2014 Written by Published in Love Food

This is a nice and simple way of explaining why to go plant based! Can it be more obvious why your diet can't be based on meat if you care about Sustainability?

Food as Medicine

01 September 2014 Written by Published in Love Food

Let Food be thy Medicine!

It is happening!

have a look at this link!

This weekend?

30 August 2014 Written by Published in Love Learning

Prep for the Solution Summit at the T-House and 101Digger in Digger Street

I am loving our tropical community Garden atm.

And will now go over to join the first urban burn...

1urban burn

Love green Food

Published in Love Food

Food is one of the main factors for sustainability.

As 40% of the world's surface is covered by agriculture and 30% of our resources get used to produce our food.

--> changing what you eat shapes the world.

You can start informing yourself about food with this: What's wrong with what we eat?

Stand strong for Health

18 August 2014 Written by Published in Love Learning

Eating out of your Garden

17 August 2014 Written by Published in Love Food

Make sure there is Food and Shelter before you can really think about satisfying all other wants and wishes...

Providing wholesome food becomes a challenge.

Women to learn from

Written by Published in Love Learning

One of the reasons why I got convinced to put my experiences and thought into a website was to be part of a group of better raw models for our upcoming generations... Nearly anything you embody is better than a Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or a any other modern pop idol...

Save the Bees

19 July 2014 Published in Love Food

Practical implementation

Comment on a Facebook topic

By your local honey that's extracted in a bee friendly way.

Love Water

Published in Love Food


and it all starts with water...

keep your water clean and pristine

think about your drinking water

and where does it come from?

and for agriculture?

International Water Gathering Oct 2014


related topic: Waterian?

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